Sunday, 7 November 2010


Growing up I can remember that this was important to me. My ideas were really influenced by living in India in the nineties. Here our ears are often attacked by statements such as “this country is going to the dogs” and reminiscence of a bygone age when summers we long and people kept their front doors unlocked. Outside of the UK it does seem that patriotism is much more in vogue than over here. In India and indeed on mainland Europe it seems that it’s far easier to love your country. I think part of the reason for this is that is seems owned by the political right and far right that makes those of us with a social conscience uncomfortable with sharing this space. However I really think that the time has come to take back this ground from the right.
Last year, my presence at a remembrance day parade in Wellingborough was commented on in a fascist blog locally. The writer intonated that I must have felt ill and sickened by participating in the very moving ceremony. They also I think you must be inhumane to not feel for the men and women who are the operational arm of British foreign policy whether you agree with the policy or not. Those that are killed and injured maimed and slaughtered in the service of their country deserve our respect and support. If it is Britishness that they are fighting for, I believe that the Britishness that we should be promoting is one of respect of humanity and respect for fairness.

Monday, 1 November 2010

When you are up everyone wants to know you ... its a different story when things aren't going too well. When Obama won, everyone wanted to be associated with his success whatever the political spectrum. The Tories developed Big Society and the Labour Party tried to up their game on community organising . Obama's experience is unique and I am not sure could eve be replicated in the UK. I'm off the the UNISON community service group conference tomorrow where I think most will be insecure about their futures. The real news I think will be what position UK politicians adopt after the mid term elections. Is this something that they are committed to or do they view this as some other easy cutting fodders?