Wednesday, 14 May 2008

We've stopped being critics ... now we're cynics

I've been phone canvassing in Spencer ward today. We've been doing voter ID and promoting the campaign for a new secondary school in the area. Generally the campaign has been received really positively with the exceptions of:

1) people who think that if we set up a new school we maybe closing another
2) people who don't like young people and don't want them coming into the area (they'll be more crime, joy riding, anti-social behaviour)

In contrast there were some older people who emphasised "Our children have grown up a long time back but the kids in this area are so good, that we'll do anything we can to support them. My wife volunteers at the local school and they come round the house to take the dog for a walk. If it's a proposal supports them we'll support it!"

I think the key things that this shows is that people are concerned that they're having the wool pulled over their eyes in the new environment with everyone wanting to be at some time or other "progressive".

That people can and will have their imagination captured by the ability to believe that better public services are possible but they need to feel that human beings are at a baseline that they can take off from.

At the end of the day individuals rise or fall to the expectations put on them ... we need to work harder at making people expect more from life!

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