Friday, 6 February 2009

Development in Sixfields

Let's get this clear ... I have a complete aversion to any sport. 14 years of being a cricket widow and always being picked last for the team kinda did it for me. However as someone with a sport aversion ... I believe it's really important that the sixfields development goes ahead if the Northampton is to survive and have a hope of thriving.

The key problems are with the exclusive relationships that the Borough have with other key partners in regenerating the town who see anything as a threat but still won't put the required time and energy to give the town a boost.

Time to re-evaluate relationships at the very least.

Time to lay it on the line...but will it happen ... we'll have to wait and see.


. said...


Thanks for all your support. I only wish that the leader of the Labour group shared his opinion on important matters for the town so readily!


Kathy Smith said...

I too have an inbuilt aversion to sport, however I am not one to deny others their addictions. The Sixfields development can only be good for Northampton and it's football club. I will almost certainly never set foot in it, but why should that stop others from enjoying better facilities!

Anjona Roy said...


Haven't discussed this issue in detail with the Leader of the Labour Group. Sharing opinions with the town has it's ups and downs. I'd like to think my blog attracts a better class of reader but I've been viewed by some really unsavoury characters of late.