Friday, 20 August 2010

Coming out in favour of ...

The Labour leadership contest has been significantly lack lustre to date but today Andy Burnham's battle bus rolled into town at the Earl Spencer White Water Rafting Centre and raised the game significantly with a message of "Big Ideas" such as a National Care Service and a central core of the need to fight for the principle of social justice in our country and across the world.

As part of the ethos of his campaign much was stated about the Labour Party needing to reclaim its ground as the Peoples party and taking back the party from a political elite.
With the likes of Pete Jenner acknowledging Andy's potential in his comments about the Labour Party needing to stop spinning and start inspiring, Andy really seems to be the passion in this contest with his feet firmly on the ground.

I'm encouraging people to back Andy as the one that can
  • really relate to people on the street
  • define the priorities that bring Labour back home to where it belongs on the side of the vulnerable and the voiceless
  • demonstrate that he has the ethics that have the values of social justice at his heart
  • have the courage to state the "bleedin' obvious" in respect of his sense of right and wrong
With many thinking that one or other of the Millibands has got it in the bag ... Andy gives Labour Party members a chance to vote for real change so sign up to support his campaign here.

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Northampton said...

AS a member of UNITE, I have just been sent my voting papers for the election of leader of the labour party - I will not be using it - none of the five candidates will be getting a X from me.