Friday, 17 December 2010

Change - anyone else up for it?

With those great guys at 38 degrees fundraising for this and the CWU folk mobilising against the proposals for the post offices and the post, it seems to be activism all round. However the proof of the pudding is in the change it creates or doesn’t as the case maybe. With the key change point being next May, perhaps it’s time to think ambitious in the an alternative coalition ... a coalition for change. Post-Xmas and new year those into electoral politics will be winding up for the target of success at Borough and District Council elections. For those of us that have been here before, in the past it has meant that the better organisation (historically Northampton Town Football Club Supporters Trust), canvassed the opinion of all candidates on their views about the Sixfields stadium. A while back there was the semblance of a coalition for change with the debate in the Guildhall organised by Northampton town football club supporters and Market Traders. Unfortunately, the ruling Lib Dem group declined to have a formal presence with some individual Lib Dem Councillors skulking in the audience. Perhaps it’s time to renew that energy and as citizens make our own manifesto for the town and then ask those putting up for office what they will buy into. What’s certain is that it won’t happen on it’s own but with more than one local community group thinking of hosting a hustings, IMHO should be something that the party pundits should be thinking of their responses to.
Who knows it may even change the stability of the Westminster coalition?

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DavidBrede said...

I have been impressed by the 38 degrees people in the way they are shaping their campaign.

At the national level it has been interesting how the coalition, having ditched the policies they fought the election on, now seem willing to jump on passing bandwagons to recover the popularity that has deserted them since the post election honeymoon vanished in the autumn of discontent.

The u turns such as Gove's on sports provision at schools shows that the government wilts under pressure from the public.

So how can we this get turned at local level? Clearly the near certainty of a change of council brings fresh hope to the resolution of many local issues. With the Lib Dems abandoning the council chamber at the vote on the Saints shows that they have given up on being the Ruling party in Northampton so that the field is open for groups such as the market traders to seize the initiative and set the agenda for the post May 2011 world.