Saturday, 27 September 2008

Confidence in Anjona from a Dallington Resident

It was just such an honour to get an endorsement from Suzanne Moen. Partly because it always gives you a buzz when someone you’ve served supports you. A real objective judgment as to whether you really are worthy. It’s not something that you get just because you’re mate with someone. It’s something you get when you’ve made it on the ground where it counts.

Suzanne works with community groups in Northamptonshire. She's got three kids and works in a field that she's really committed to ... and she shows it when she works day after day, hour after hour ... supporting the community.

She has said,

“I have known Anjona as a councillor and community activist over the last few years and know that she has the knowledge, drive and determination to win Northampton South.”

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