Thursday, 18 September 2008

On Saturday I attended the "meet the members" event arranged by Northampton South Labour Party. The event took place straight after campaigning in St Crispins where the weather decided to shine after a week of rain. There was lot of enthusiasm from both members who attended as well as other candidates.
Members have already started to experience death by junk mail and spam from potential candidates. I must admit I have contributed to the deluge but having talked to some members about the correspondence they've received they have said, "I want to know what candidates actually think, what they actually believe in". What's clear to me is that members in Northampton South have strong opinions about our world, our country and our town. They care passionately about the state of the schools, the support for vulnerable people and pensioners and the need to build on the towns strengths for the best future for Northampton.

I've also started to get some messages of support. I got this really humbling one from Ricky Matthews from Duston (pictured above).

As a Firefighter, school governor and constituent of Northampton South I would like to offer my unreserved endorsement of Anjona Roy in her effort to become our next Labour party parliamentary candidate.
Anjona is an experienced, motivated, intelligent woman who has put an enormous amount of hard work into the local community over a number of years. She consistently demonstrates her commitment to local people by campaigning to improve the lives of others, and I have the upmost respect for her.
I would urge other party members to unite behind Anjona to ensure we do not miss this opportunity to elect a local candidate with a proven track record of supporting local people.
Thanks for the support Ricky. It means a lot to me.

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