Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The last couple of weeks have had their ups and downs. Firstly, the swanspool by election last thursday was a definate up.

June 2009
con 548 46.0
lib 162 13.6
lab 361 30.3
BNP 120 10.1

July 2009
Con Bell, Paul Anthony 958 41.2
Lab Cass, Pat 543 23.3
Lib Dem White, Julie Dorothy 282 12.1
BNP Robinson, David Peter 274 11.8
Green Hornett, Jonathan T. 270 11.6

Labour 7 points up and the BNP 2 points down :-)

With a by election in daventry soon (albeit not yet announced) it's all reasons to get our act together.

Thank you so much to all the many activists that delivered and organised the anti -BNP leafleting and the printing of the leaflet ... a lot of learning this campaign that will do us proud for the next few years

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