Thursday, 27 August 2009

Unlikely bed fellows

Apologies for the lack of posting but life has been busy of late. With the local BNP standing in two by-elections over the next few weeks (Daventry District Drayton Ward) and Kettering Borough Northfield Ward) there has been a lot to be keeping up with.

It was intriguing to find that the Northants Patriot blog had started trying to earn revenue with a Google ad's stream, particularly when one ad related to equality diversity training and another related to bespoke consultancy for equalities work in local government. Seems like exactly the kind of stuff that the blog seemed to spend it's time criticising as 'a waste of money and why don't these people get real jobs rather than using my council tax for something that might be more useful instead' rant. I do wonder what the companies listed would think if they knew the exposure that they were getting.

This all co-incided with the shift in government direction to include far right extremism as part of the prevention of violent extremism agenda. It's been a long time coming but at least it's there now. The recent graffiti attack on the Ramgaria Centre on Craven Street in Northampton which included the National Front emblem is clear evidence of why work in this area is so important.

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Northampton said...

HOW THE FIELD DID - Daventry Drayton Ward

Chris Eddon (The Conservative Party) - 314 votes (elected) 33.87%

· Wendy Jane Randall (Labour Party) – 158 [17.04%]

· John Barry Lathan (Liberal Democrats) – 138 [14.88%]

· David Christopher Llewellyn Jones (British National Party) – 133 [14.34%]

· Steve Tubb (independent) – 129 [13.91%]

· Meg Price (The Socialist Alternative Candidate) – 55 [5.93%]